Tips, tricks, and strategies to receive more free samples

In our previous guides we focused on how freebie sites work and how to spot legitimate samples, so that you don’t end up wasting your time. In this guide we’ll share tips, tricks, and strategies to help you maximize your chances of receiving free samples.
It’s very simple, But it does require you to have a plan of action and to be consistent. So let’s get started and dive right into it!
Cast a wide net
There are lots of different freebie sites, which is great news for you.  But there are also many people looking for free samples online, which isn’t great news for you since that means you have fierce competition to get free stuff.  In short, you will have to be a bit competitive yourself. This means hunting for free samples proactively.
If you are currently in the habit of only looking at one freebie site to find your samples, you need to change that.  Cast a wide net and find yourself 2-3 good sites you can check daily.

It’s a numbers game
Carrying on from the previous point, along with checking multiple sites, you will also have to request a high number of samples. When you request lots of samples you are improving your odds. Since a good percentage of the samples you request will never get sent due to the sheer number of people requesting them the only way to improve your odds is to request more samples.
Think of every sample you request as a shot that might not pay off, but is still worth taking. Don’t get discouraged or disappointed if a particular sample you want doesn’t get sent to you, instead remain consistent and continue requesting as many samples as you can. With a little bit of effort you can really put the odds in your favor and receive a steady stream of products to try in the mail.

Time is of the essence

Everyone knows the way people behave for Black Friday sales. It’s terrible really, the way people shove and fight their way through massive crowds just to get a cheap item. Because of this within mins of opening the doors, all the good stuff is gone.
People prepare for Black Friday in advance.  They will camp out in front of a store for days, brave the elements, and waste an entire holiday away from their family. That’s how obsessed they are with finding what they want at a lower price.
The good news is you never have to worry about being trampled on a freebie site, and you will never witness anything as barbaric as Black Friday on one either (with the exception of the above video). But the bad news is there are even more people chasing after these samples than you would find at a black Friday sale, You just don’t see them. Since companies give out free samples to those who are the quickest to ask for them, you need to make sure you’re early to the party, and request samples as soon as they become available.
Now this doesn’t mean you will have to devote the same amount of effort as those people who camp out for Black Friday. In fact there are strategies you can use which will make it seem like the freebies are practically requesting themselves. Which leads us to our last section!

Quick Tips!
    • Use Auto-fill to save TONS of time.
      All the major web browsers have free add-ons aimed at helping users fill out forms quickly and efficiently. You only have to fill out your information once, and the extensions will remember it, and each time you need to fill out a form it will do it in just one click. This will save you so much time and exponentially increase the number of samples you are able to request daily. And as we mentioned before the more samples you request the better your odds are of getting stuff. With a good auto-fill plug-in you can request an entire day’s worth of samples in just 5 mins.AutoFill for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, are great options that are also free. So is the built inAutoComplete Feature for Internet Explorer.
Create a separate email account for requesting free samplesThis is self-explanatory. A separate email account for freebie hunting will save your regular mailbox from getting swamped. Be warned even the companies who do mail you samples will still e-mail you. Every single sample you request will likely land you on a new mailing list, which is why this is so important.
Sign up for freebies daily, not weekly!Again this has to do with being first in line when you request a sample. If you only request samples every 2-3 days or even once a week your requests will be coming in way too late for most samples. That’s why it’s super important to sign up for freebies every day to make sure that you are requesting an offer as soon as it becomes available.
Sign up for our mailing list! Ok, aside from the fact that this is a shameless plug for our mailing list, it really is the best way to stay informed about when the newest samples are published on our site. We make sure to send out the e-mail as soon as the newest list of freebies is published which means users who are waiting for that e-mail, and visit our site as soon as they receive it will be the first ones to be requesting the samples. This means they will be more likely to be at the front of the line and get their request fulfilled. But it’s not just our site. Make sure you subscribe to all of your regular freebie sites, and try to visit their sites as soon as they notify you that new freebies have been published, because again time is of the essence.
Don’t Get Discouraged Don’t give up, and don’t get discouraged. Even if you do everything right it can still take weeks or even months for some samples to arrive. Don’t get discouraged if you go a while without seeing any samples in your mail box. If you just remain consistent and devote a few mins a day you WILL see results.