The Complete Guide to Freebie Hunting

Over the years running this site we’ve received countless emails from frustrated visitors who don’t understand how freebie sites work or how to best take advantage of them. So many people don’t get that there is a strategy that must be used with this (or any other legit freebie site) in order to get the most out of it.
Most of the frustrated e-mails we receive are from people who’ve only recently discovered freebie sites, and who’ve only requested 2-3 free samples and then get discouraged because the few samples they requested don’t get sent to them. They don’t understand that an online sample is never a sure thing, and that there is a very specific strategy that must be implemented consistently in order to get lots of free stuff.
The truth is getting free samples online is a numbers game, pure and simple. And if you don’t know how to play this numbers game you won’t get much of anything from these companies. But if you do know the right things to do, the right strategies to use, and are able to consistently devote 5-10 mins per day to this you can get a truly amazing amount of free samples sent right to your mailbox.
So because of that we are publishing this new blog series in order to fully explain all the in’s and out’s of how getting free samples online works. We are going to fully explain the strategy you must follow, and every tip you need to know to be a freebie hunting pro. Just follow the tips and information listed here and you will be getting tons of free samples in no time.
Here’s the proof this works
free samples
With being consistent and sticking to a strategy we received over 35 samples in just a few months.

Here’s the Guide!
How Freebie Sites Work
A guide on how all legit freebie sites work, who provides the samples, who qualifies to receive them, and how to request them.
How to tell legit samples
Just because a web page says they are offering a sample of a certain product doesn’t mean it’s legit. In this blog we’ll teach you how to tell the difference between legit free samples, phishing scams, industrial freebies (not intended for the general public), and well meaning companies who just don’t have the resources to distribute samples to everyone. Learn how to tell the real thing!
Tips, Tricks, & Strategy
Learn all the tips and tricks for getting absolutely the most amount of free stuff possible.